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"I have been working with Fairway Media since 2011 for our Course Guides. From the start we found the interaction very pleasant with the representatives at Fairway Media. Getting set up with all of the information was seamless. They do all of the leg work to bring the guide to life and when done it looks fantastic.The guides have been a big success with our members and guests and they also help to promote local businesses with their ads. They are great for tournaments or groups of golfers."
- K. McLeod of Sunstone Golf Club

Growth for Businesses

Businesses easily reach their target market in an exclusive setting. Custom designed products and advertisements maximize the impact of their message.

Substantial Savings

Local businesses get the most effective advertisements in their community while golf courses save thousands of dollars annually.

Customer Satisfaction

Custom designed, Professional quality products every time. 100% customer satisfaction has always been our top priority.

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