The Canadian golfer is one of the most highly-sought demographics for a wide range of businesses.

Golf related spending brings in more revenue each year  than all other spectator sports combined, including the National Hockey League. Below are some quick statistics to help you learn more about the average golfer.



Golf habits

The average golfer spends 300 hours a year at the course or 6 hours per week

There are roughly 6 million Canadian golfers

84% of Canadian golfers play public courses


Income & employment

75% of golfers authorize purchases for their employer

50% of Canadian golfers earn more than $75,000 annually

1 in 3 golfers work in top level management


Spending habits

83% of golfers own securities, and 40% plan on purchasing financial planning this year

86% of golfers own life insurance


Housing & real estate

91% of golfers are home owners

72% of golfers made home repairs within the last year

Golfers are 60% more likely to own a second home vs non golfers


Women golfers

Golf is the fastest growing female sport

1 in 4 golfers are women

40% of female golfers hold managerial or professional roles at work



47% of golfers plan on buying a car this year

56% of golfers spent $30,000 on their last vehicle purchase

Golfers own an average of 2-3 cars per household


Food & dining habits

73% of golfers dine out at least 1x per week

32% of golfers spend at least $3,000 annually at restaurants

77% of golfers purchase wine on a regular basis


Travel habits

Canadian golfers take more than 1 million trips each year involving golf

64% of golfers took an international vacation within the past 3 years

Golfers spend more than $2.5 billion annually on travel related to golf


Family life

68% of golfers are married

63% of golfers have children who live at home