About Fairway Media

What is Fairway Media?

Fairway Media is a supplier who provides free golf course guide books, scorecards, and ball washers to golf courses in Canada .

Each of these products features advertisements for local businesses. This is called ‘sponsorship advertising’ because businesses purchase advertising which ‘sponsors’ the product for the golf course.

Fairway Media is a division of Bench Craft Company, founded in 1982. Between the two of them they partner with more than 4,000 golf courses across North America and in 2015 produced more than 72,000 advertisements.


How can Fairway Media give away golf course products for free?

It’s simple, really.

Fairway Media makes golf course products and gives them to the course for free. Because Fairway Media handles all of the design and manufacturing in-house they can do this at a low cost.

The businesses who advertise on a product pay for a portion the cost of production. In exchange the business gets an inexpensive way of reaching new customers.

The golf course saves money. The businesses get more customers. The golfers learn about businesses who advertise and are more likely to shop within their community, keeping their money local.

It’s a win-win-win situation.


The steps in sponsorship advertising process usually look something like this:

1. A golf course partners with Fairway Media in order to save money and improve marketing opportunities for their course.

2.  Fairway Media reaches out to businesses near the golf course and offers them the opportunity to advertise on the product.

3. Businesses who purchase advertisements work with Fairway Media’s design team to create an advertisement. All design services are free.

4. Fairway Media creates the product for the golf course. The golf course checks all information to ensure accuracy. Advertisements are placed on the product.

5. The course guides or scorecards are shipped to the golf course. The advertisements will run at the course for 1 full year, starting the day they arrive at the golf course.


To learn more about opportunities with Fairway Media, call us at (800) 824 8311 ext 268 or send us a message.